Cindy Hans for AZ Senate – LD 13

I have boots-on-the-ground experience in public education and elections work. This is unique experience that I am proud to bring to our Arizona Senate when elected to represent LD13. As the mother of three and grandmother of two, I have been a proud resident of Arizona for nearly 3 decades and I love being a Chandler resident. To understand my community better, I applied for and completed the inaugural class of Chandler CIVIC – 2021 where I learned about the committed people who are the core of Chandler government. I am passionate about activities that support democracy through voter education and secure elections. I believe public school education is foundational for sustainable economic growth throughout Arizona. I look forward to representing you in Arizona’s Legislative District 13. Please join our campaign today.


Cindy is a retired public-school educator. Her roles include teacher, assistant principal, principal, technology specialist, and grant administrator. Cindy remains active as a volunteer on behalf of improving public school funding and supporting students, teachers and school staff.

Protecting Democracy

Working for the foundations of democracy is a passion:

  • Election worker in the Vote Center and ballot processing
  • Worked as a volunteer Maricopa County Deputy Registrar registering new voters and educating constituents about election procedures
  • Active member of the League of Women Voters focusing on educating voters on current issues and facilitating candidate forums

Privacy in Healthcare

The government should not be involved with any healthcare decisions. Every decision about a patient’s treatment should be between the patient and their medical team.

Managing Water Resources

Arizona state legislature should be proactive to manage water usage efficiently by enacting sustainable water policies that preserve water availability.

Community Safety

Every citizen is entitled to a safe community. Safety begins with adequate funding in schools, adequate funding for all first responders, and sensible legislation to protect our communities from gun violence.